4f1f13f2-2d69-41f7-8f94-9e7faeb15cabSimon Teakle offers a wide range of services, covering all fine jewelry needs.


Simon’s extensive jewelry education & experience informs his accurate, unbiased jewelry appraisals for selling, estate planning, or insurance purposes.


Whether you know exactly the style you want or are just starting to explore, Simon is delighted to search for your dream piece or stone. With his thirty five years experience in the industry he knows exactly where to source everything from unusual small gifts to multi million dollar stones.

Custom Design

Simon has helped numerous clients redesign  pieces and stones into something fitting their lifestyle. His workshops are exemplary and attention to detail is carefully considered through every stage of the process.

Repairs & Restoration

Accidents happen. From small repairs, to complete overhauls, you can be confident your investment is handled with the appropriate care. From ring sizing to complete restoration, any type of work can be accomplished.