About Taffin

Photo: Steve Benisty
Photo: Steve Benisty
James Taffin de Givenchy, designing under the name Taffin, has become one of the most sought-after jewelry designers of today.

Having studied graphic design at Manhattan’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, the French born Givenchy joined Christie’s jewelry department, and instantly became enamored with gems and jewelry. He was Head of Christie’s West Coast Jewelry Department and later served as Vice-President of Verdura. Givenchy eventually opened his New York salon in 1996 working with private clients on special commissions.

Often compared to legendary designers Raymond Templier and Suzanne Belperron, his designs are sculptural with a special emphasis on fine craftsmanship. Givenchy’s inventive style lends each piece a sense of whimsy and adventure, combining extraordinary combinations of diamonds as well as an enormous spectrum of exceptional gems.

In 2006, Givenchy simultaneously entered into a design venture with Sotheby’s Diamonds, creating a boundary-breaking collection during his tenure as Creative Director.

In 2011, he returned to give his undivided attention to Taffin. There he continues to draw a coterie of private clients who covet the one-of-a-kind pieces he creates to showcase precious diamonds and rare colored gems in settings of unorthodox materials.

Fine timepieces are also a focus for Givenchy who has designed watches for men, evoking the sensuous lines of a vintage sports car with a case available in gold, stainless steel or titanium. It joins the Stella watch for women, a design that Givenchy created and named after his daughter when she was born ten years ago.

His salon on Fifth Avenue is a testament to the exceptional range of pieces he creates.

James Taffin de Givenchy and Simon Teakle’s friendship goes back twenty years… With the same appreciation for fabulous jewelry and great objects, their collaboration could easily have been anticipated when they first met.