About McTeigue & McClelland

McTeigue and McClelland

Tim McClelland and Walter McTeigue have entirely different backgrounds and points of view as jewelers. Their frequently opposing ideas converge to create jewelry with energy and unmistakable beauty.

They seek to create timeless, beautiful jewels that surprise and delight. With an emphasis on fresh, innovative and artistic design, they combine exceptional stones and superior craftsmanship. A team of highly skilled artisans crafts each jewel by hand in a blend of progressive techniques and old world craftsmanship. Everything is made in their Great Barrington workshop. To preserve their distinct quality and design integrity, Tim and Walter are committed to producing only a limited number of pieces each year.

Walter McTeigue

Walter grew up in a family with a long tradition in the fine jewelry business. At the age of 20, Walter started working for his father, a diamond and precious stone dealer. Walter worked in New York’s Diamond District for over 20 years, specializing in diamonds and estate jewelry. Having established a reputation as an expert with an eye for quality, Walter was hired by Harry Winston as Estate Jewelry Buyer and later became Director of Purchasing.

Tim McClelland

Tim grew up in family of artists and at an early age was struck by the versatility and permanence of metal as a vehicle for his ideas. After studying and apprenticing under some of the preeminent master jewelers and contemporary metal smiths, Tim became a freelance designer and maker in New York City where he continued to develop his skills and refine his personal style.

“McTeigue & McClelland is where diamond dealers and artists collide.”
— W Magazine